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Review guide Chs. 5&6 test HL9 McPherson  What were the economic problems that faced the English government after the French and Indian War with regards to the colonies?  How did the colonist’s connect with John Locke’s ideas?  Why did England repeal the Stamp Act?
 Why and how were the American boycotts effective?
 What actions by Lord North precipitated the Boston Tea Party?
 Name three ways that the Continental Congress strengthened the colonies as a unified force.
 What are three primary traditional explanations for why Americans wanted their independence?
 What were the strengths and weaknesses of the American Forces?
 What were the strengths and weaknesses of the British Forces?
 Why was the Battle of Saratoga considered the turning point in the war?

 What caused the initially successful British campaign to fail in its attempt to control the Southern Colonies?
 How were the Americans able to force a surrender from the British at Yorktown?

Tempest essay topic

Essay topic:  What are the ways in which Prospero is a master of relationships? (leader, authority, negotiator, manipulator, match-maker, mentor, etc.)
Study Guide for Ch 4 test HL 9 A selection of these questions will appear on your test.  Prepare accordingly with at least three supporting details for each answer.  You will be asked to number each supporting detail on the test.  You may use more than three.  Each answer should be no longer than a half  page handwritten.  Your answers will be evaluated for depth and clarity in addition to the inclusion of supporting details. What changes in England motivated exploration in the new world?
During early explorations, why is Spain able to focus on North America?  Where do they settle, and why are they ultimately unsuccessful with their colonies?
What were some differences in the way the Colonists and Native Americans viewed the environment?
Why were colonists generally healthier than European residents?
Why was Elizabeth Lucas Pinckney such a remarkable woman?
What factors in Europe pave the way for the Enlightenment?
How does the Enlightenment impact the colonies?  Who epitomizes this i…
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Week One: August 7-9 Wednesday – Introduction and course overview; U.S. Citizen Test; Discovery and  Settlement. Thursday – Settling New England and the Colonies, pp. 108-117; Y. Goodman Brown Friday – The Enlightenment and Great Awakening, pp. 149-159; The Birthmark

Week Two: August 12-16 Monday – America, Chapter 4, pp. 162-168; The Devil and Tom Walker Tuesday – America, Chapter 4, pp. 168-174; Rip Van Winkle 9th Grade Retreat (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)

Week Three: August 19-23 Monday